NewTelco GmbH
Am Kieswerk 12
63791 Karlstein am Main
+49 69 75 00 27 0
Direkter Ansprechpartner
Jens Leuchters
+49 69 75 00 27 70

NewTelco is a global network-neutral solution provider in the telecommunication industry that offers a broad array of value-added managed services helping customers in building their eBusiness. Our end-to-end service company provides cost-effective, reliable and quick access to an ecosystem of 1,000+ telecommunication carriers, enterprise operators, internet service providers, and small-to-large enterprises. Company’s comprehensive range of services runs from simple rackspace to port leasing and complete project solutions out of one hand. NewTelco’s main product portfolio includes: interconnection, colocation, integration, engineering and consulting services solutions. We are available in the most important telecommunication locations worldwide. For NewTelco, cost effectiveness means not only a goal-oriented solution, but also promptness and adherence to schedules when planning, implementing, and supervising projects.

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